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CES - Completely Enveloping Snow

I live in Seattle… the Emerald City. Here in Seattle it snows MAYBE once every two to three years. And even then, we’re not talking REAL snow– we’re talking about a few flakes that melt a few seconds after they hit the ground. An actual measurable snowfall with acumulation on the ground is really rare– a couple times per decade, maybe.

Well… I woke up this morning and the news was saying they were going to be on all day, non-stop– all shows had been cancelled so they could bring you coverage of the biggest Seattle snowfall since… well, nobody really remembers the last time, but something was said about 1996.

Every school in western Washington is closed. 85% of people didn’t make it to work. Car accidents everywhere, stores and businesses closed… in sum, total chaos. Nice, since I was supposed to go to Las Vegas today for CES.

Of course, I really wanted to go, so I decided to brave the snow. After all… I’m from Phoenix (hint: not a lot of snow there) and now I live in Seattle, so I should be able to handle it, right? Actually, yeah. I was fine. I got to watch 3 people get in car accidents on the way there, but I had no troubles. (It was pretty fun watching the guy in the Lexus SUV get stuck trying to make it up to the on-ramp. I didn’t get out of my VW Passat sedan to help him, of course.) :)

I got to the airport in one piece, and made surprisingly good time. (Took me about 40 minutes, compared to about 25 normally.) Now I’m here, and I’m on standby for an earlier flight, and confirmed for my previously booked flight an hour later. Life is good– so long as they don’t cancel the flight. (I’m feeling pretty confident.)

Of course, it will be worth it– CES promises to be a blast. I love vegas, I love consumer electronics, and I get to see a few friends that I don’t see often enough because they are on the east coast– always a good time.

I’m pretty confident that there will be TONS of wi-fi to be had… if so, expect to see a few posts over the next few days.

Oh… and here’s the punch line: how much snow did it take to shut down Seattle? About 4 inches. Yes, really.

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