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First of all, the whole wedding industry is a total racket… people spend obscene amounts of money on weddings, due large in part to an industry ready and waiting to take advantage of them. Want a professional photographer? That will be $100 an hour. Oh… it’s for a wedding? That will be $300 an hour. Yes, really.

Well one of the areas where we were going to be financially raped was on getting prints of our wedding pictures. They wanted like 12 bucks a piece. Insane. So what I did was get one print of each of the pictures we wanted, and I’m now scanning them… we’ll buy our prints on OFOTO for 29 cents each instead.

What a pain. This means I have to carefully manipulate each image, removing dust, scratches, scanner artifacts, etc. in order to get the kind of quality that I would get if, say, the pictures were delivered on a PhotoCD. Oh well… I figure it is going to save me a couple thousand dollars, so it’s worth it.

I’ll be uploading photos as I go, and when I’m done I’ll create an oFoto scrapbook so people can order prints. If you want high res versions of any of these, just let me know.

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