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Why don't hotels have broadband?

This is so frustrating to me… the state of Internet access at hotels is just pathetic. I am at a wedding in Fallbrook (a small town of about 45,000 outside of San Deigo, CA) and the hotel doesn’t provide broadband access in the rooms… indeed, none of the 4 hotels in town do. The Best Western at which we are staying does have a kiosk in the lobby with reasonably fast access… but come on– if you already have the broadband for the kiosk how hard is it to provide access to the rooms? If you have to charge for it fine… but at least make it possible.

To make matters worse, the phone line in my room is so bad I can’t even get a modem connection. (This seems to be only my room– Rachel’s brother is staying at the same hotel and can get connected fine.)

Why don’t hotels get it? I can’t be the only one who always chooses a hotel with broadband over one without. Indeed, I am willing to pay twice as much to get it. Seems like there are companies who are missing out on some business.

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