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Patrick Keating did an amazing presentation last night about Flash MX 2004 for SeaMug.org… I came away excited about the direction that Flash is taking. They are really moving it in the direction of becoming a powerful application development tool, which (as a developer) excites me. However, a comment I read on a blog today made me wonder whether or not this is what Macromedia’s core audience wants…
<blockquote>With the release of flash mx 2004 it appears that macromedia is trying to develop application development tools. I wish they had as much zest for design as they do for programming. I guess it’s not as fun for a programmer to create an application for someone else as for him/her-self. [Their] products are being made by programmers for programmers. Why does macromedia turn it’s back on it’s base? There must be a way to make another product for rich internet applications. Please just don’t call it flash. I suppose that’s what pro vs non-pro is. That implies programmers are more pro’s.</blockquote>
This made me look at Flash MX 2004 from a completely different paradigm… if I were a desginer (without extensive development background) I would probably be very annoyed with the direction they are taking Flash, just like this guy. I guess it’s true you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Well… at least I’m happy. :)

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