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Java: The HUMMER of Programming Languages

Philip Greenspun’s post about Java literally made me spit coffee out my nose this morning.

<blockquote>Java is the SUV of programming tools. A project done in Java will cost 5 times as much, take twice as long, and be harder to maintain than a project done in a scripting language such as PHP or Perl.</blockquote>
(Java, the big, fat SUV of programming languages, is not to be confused with the Ford Excursion of Laptops.)

He posted this to his blog with a couple excellent supporting points. Really funny stuff.

As they say, it’s funny because it’s true.

Of course, many slashdorks see it differently… which prompts a constant fascination for me: why does the open source community embrace Java as if it were an open technology? It’s not. In fact, it is probably the least open development environment on the market today. Go figure.

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