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Corel is still in business? Really? Are you sure?

OK, so the title is a little mean-spirited… but the product is excellent. Corel released the 2.0 version of their Grafigo software yesterday, and I took a few minutes to try it out.

This is a huge improvement over the previous version– it is more like 1.0 was a proof of concept (which, I assume is why Corel never charged for it.) However, things are different this time around– Corel will be charging $99 for a copy of Grafigo, which I think is infinitely reasonable.

After a half hour or so of playing around with Grafigo2, I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it for creating quick diagrams and flowcharts, something I do often in my work. The key here is the concept of shape recognition– you draw a rough approximation of a geometric shape, and Grafigo cleans it up. Very nice, very useful.

Oh… Grafigo is only for TabletPC owners. Don’t bother to download it if you don’t have a tablet.

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