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Sean Corfield, the Director of Architecture at Macromedia, mentioned on his blog, “An Architect’s View,” that Macromedia is releasing a new version of the CFMX Coding Guidelines document. Included are support for 6.1 enhancements, an increased emphasis on CFCs, and several clarifications of existing recommendations. I’ll be looking forward to this document. (I discovered Sean’s excellent blog after meeting him at the Fusebox 2003 Conference in Vegas, which I created a separate blog for.)

I really like the direction Macromedia has taken CFMX in version 6.1– performance (at least in my early testing) really is better, and CFCs work a lot better. Add to this the excellent work being done on the architecture side (with Fusebox 4 and MachII) and things are looking good for ColdFusion developers.

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