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The Gold Coast Hotel, Casino, and Moonshinery

Shannon Smith (the CEO of Market Matrix, the company Critical Domain is merging with) and I arrived in Vegas today around 3, and caught a cab to our hotel.

Ah, our hotel.

We’re staying at the lovely Gold Coast Hotel, Casino, and Trailer Park. I’m not saying it is downscale, but wheras the Paris hotel has a huge replica of the Eifel Tower out front, this place has a giant replica of a primer-gray ‘71 Ford pickup truck on cinder blocks. I’m just saying, the Waldorf it aint. They don’t even have showers, but for a fee the attendant at the front desk will come to your room and hose you off with a fire extinguisher.

I’m kidding of course– the hotel is fine. I’m just bitter because they don’t have broadband.

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