Home Signed, sealed, delivered.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

We went down to the Escrow company on Friday to sign the last bit of paperwork for the house. It was kind of neat: they have this table that we’re sitting on one end, and the Escrow agent is sitting on the other. When you look down at the surface of the table you can see the impressions of hundreds of signatures… as if a moment in time of a thousand people’s dreams are caught in this one place.

With everything signed, we are expected to close today (Tuesday.) I was called away on business, so I am in LA… but Troy (our mortgage guy) called Rachel a few minutes ago to tell her that everything is done– that they are just waiting for the court to call back with a recording number for the deed. Within two hours, he or the Escrow officer will call us to tell us the official news: that the house is OURS! I will be getting back in town tomorrow, so Rach and I will spend the first night in the new house, sleeping bags and all. You can trust me on one thing: the jetted tub WILL get used. :)

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