Home 451


We went down to measure a couple things today, and the seller had asked if we would be willing to close early. (Apparently, he’s moving to Russia, and for whatever reason he wants to leave early.) We talked it over, and decided it would be great to get back to our lives. So we’re closing on Tuesday instead of on the 30th. Yay!

We bought all the appliances today– they will be delivered on the 30th (except for the stove, which will be a bit late.) The kitchen is going to look AWESOME– we’re going to repaint the cabinets, and the all stainless steel appliances will really finish things off nicely. We’re going to give all the old appliances to charity (they still work, they’re just old) except for the fridge, which our real estate agent Kay suggested we put in the basement for extra cold storage– a great idea we hadn’t though of, since we already have a full-size standalone freezer. It will be nice to store soda in a fridge instead of a pantry.

Just a few more days!!!

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