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Two steps down, one last to go…maybe. The loan officer called yesterday and scared me for a moment: our current landlord hadn’t turned in his verification of rent form yet, and he went into the hospital that day for hip-replacement surgery. I’m thinking, I warned you about this a week ago, meanwhile the loan officer is asking if I know how long he’ll be. You know, hip surgery is a bit more than an in-and-out procedure. But then, as we’re on the phone, he’s checking through the day’s mail and there’s the form, all filled out. Whew. One step done. Also, the appraisal came in at $2500 more than we paid for the house, which is exactly where we want it to be. The only approval process step left is the field appraisal, which the mortgage might forgo based on the standard appraisal. But we’re not too worried about that. Then, we’re off to sign the papers and write a big check. We’re trying to be patient and tide ourselves over with building castles in the air. Lots of castles in the air. :)

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