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Woo-hoo! We're buying a house!

After a couple rounds of negotiations back and fourth, we were finally able to agree on a deal. The offer has been signed by both parties, and the realtor is putting a “sold” sign on the property today. The seller knocked a couple thousand off the price of the house and is going to cover our closing costs (to put a new roof on the house, which it definitely needs.) The only other major thing that the inspector said we should have looked at is the furnace… we spoke today with the company that has been maintaining the furnace for the last 12 years, and they said that, although it is old and near the end of its design life, it is working fine and has been maintained correctly. Keep in mind that these folks sell furnaces, so they would gladly sell us a new furnace if we needed one… so we do have some reason to believe them when they say we don’t need one.

Troy (our mortgage broker) came by today and spent a couple hours going over all the paperwork with us, and we signed all the disclosure documents and whatnot.

So what I’m saying is basically this: WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE! We’re both very excited. :)

The next step is the appraisal, which will happen in the next week or so.

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