JRJ's 2015 trip to Florence, Italy

Virtual Reality

I believe Immersive Technologies like VR and Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality represent the next major step in computing, and that 2020/2021 will be the timeframe when these technologies start to take off, with mainstream adoption following around 2025. (I’ve been a VR enthusiast since the 90s, and have been playing in the Oculus ecosystem since the DK days.)

I founded Virtual Neural to explore spatial computing and immersive technologies, with an emphasis on how artificial intelligence can be important to their evolution. I also owned VR and AR strategy for the Adobe Primetime team from 2015-2017.

Projects and Presentations

  • I recently gave a talk on Immersive Technologies (VR and AR) and [you can download the presentation here[(/labs/ImmersiveTech-VR-AR/).