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What's Next: Leaving Adobe, starting Virtual Neural
After 10 years at Adobe, I'm leaving to start a new company to explore the intersection of spatial computing (VR/AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML/DL) Read More ›

Which Will Be Dominant: Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR)?
I answered a question on Quora that's common for folks just starting to explore immersive technologies... Read More ›

Enter the Void: Extreme VR
I had an oportunity to try out humanity's current best attempt at building the Holodeck from Star Trek... it was everything I hoped it would be. Read More ›

Apple Fights for Encryption
Apple is playing chicken with the FBI over their right to build software and hardware that securely protects user data... Read More ›

Science is not a Body of Knowledge
A brief story from my youth that taught me a lesson about science... Read More ›

Android Security › Android Stagecraft Vulnerability Shines Light on Carriers and OEMs
Android users need to do some serious soul searching about security, because wireless carriers and device OEMs aren't helping... Read More ›

Revenge of the Bots: Poker & AI
A look at trends in poker AI, and predictions on impact over the next decade… Read More ›

Reviewed › Apple Watch: Early Thoughts
Initial thoughts after my first week and and a half with the Apple Watch… Read More ›

Your Password Sucks
Your password sucks, but every character counts… Read More ›

Local iOS Backup Locations
Changing the location where iTunes backs up your iOS devices… Read More ›

Heartbleed Shows a Need for Oversight
Hearbleed demonstrated projects critical to the net’s infrastructure need help… Read More ›

Bill Gates on Mobile Computing
Looking back at Gates’ “Wallet PC” prediction twenty years later… Read More ›

Unboxed: Google Glass
My Google Glass Explorer pack arrived today, and was unboxed… Read More ›

Exploring Minimum Wage
A back-of-the-envelope hypothetical, re: raising minimum wage… Read More ›

Schneier Interview: NSA vs. Privacy
A great video interview with Bruce Scheier on the NSA and privacy. Read More ›

"Bionic Eye" Coming to the U.S.
Imagine a cochlear implant, but for the visually impaired… Read More ›

Spoiler-free Review › Ender's Game
I liked Ender’s Game, but it’s a 5-star book compressed into a 3.5 star movie… Read More ›

Cryptolocker Ransomware: Diabolical and Evil
Worst malware threat I’ve ever seen is only the beginning… Read More ›

How to get 1-star App Reviews
Audible demonstrates an effective way to piss off mobile users... Read More ›

1Password: Recommended with a Caveat
I strongly recommend 1Password, but don’t use one feature… Read More ›

Half of Jobs Could be Automated?
While “half” is probably hyperbole, the issue is a real one… Read More ›

Unboxed: iPhone 5s
Pics and vids of my new iPhone 5s, and why I chose it… Read More ›

Fingerprints for Mobile Authentication
Busting a few myths about fingerprint authentication in the mobile space… Read More ›

Spoiler-free Review › Jobs Movie - Exceeded Low Expectations
Not a great movie, but low expectations allowed me to enjoy it anyway… Read More ›

Sim City is a Winner
After all these years, Sim City is still fun, but the latest edition is not without flaws... Read More ›

Using Free Software: Understand the Incentives
If you're not the customer you're the product, and with security software business models matter... Read More ›

Google Glass Availability
Google Glass looks interesting, and now we have some timelines from Mountain View... Read More ›

Ammending the Constitution
Amending the Constitution of the United States of America requires two key criteria to be met before it makes sense to even try... Read More ›

Quick Review: Annie Duke’s Poker Book
A quick review of Annie Duke's new poker book... Read More ›

Movember 'stache
A promise is a promise, and it's for a good cause... so I'll embarass myself for posterity... Read More ›

Morality and Artificial Intelligence
As AI gets smarter, it also has to learn ethics. Can we teach it? Read More ›

Unboxed: Windows 8 Tablet - Samsung Ativ 500t
Playing with a new hybrid laptop, with a combination of new Atom processor and Windows 8... Read More ›

Microsoft Stock: is Win 8 Good for MSFT?
Is Microsoft a good investment in the Windows 8 era? Read More ›

Driver Assist Technologies: the Next Wave
Driver assistance technology is starting to heat up, and autonomous vehicles are next... Read More ›

Unboxed? Keystone Cougar 322QBS Fifth Wheel RV
Joe and Rachel buy a new RV... Read More ›

Solar Power and Grid Parity
When solar reaches grid parity (and it will) some interesting things happen... Read More ›

Keep Your Systems and Accounts Secure
Matt Honen's story makes us all think a little more about security... Read More ›

Optimizing Your Mac for SSD
Dealing with iTunes backups in a world of space-limited SSD drives... Read More ›

Free Speech and the Rights of Artificial Persons
Do machines have rights? Are you SURE? Read More ›

What lies beneath the surface? Profitability.
What's the deal with Surface? It's about the business model... Read More ›

Mobile Mapping Keeps Getting Better
A single image shows how far we've come with mapping technology... Read More ›

WWDC 2012 Predictions
I make a few predictions about the upcoming WWDC announcements from Apple... Read More ›

Resizing and Caching Images
A new open source project for auto-scaling images... Read More ›

Unboxed? Ford F-250 Super Duty
We bought a really big truck to tow an even bigger RV... Read More ›

Unboxed: Thunderbolt Display
Google's Glass: Future of Augmented Reality?
Social Networking Advice and What I Do
Come for the Display, Stay for the LTE
Unboxed: iPad (3rd Generation)
Unboxed: Apple TV 1080p
iPad Announcement Predictions
Unboxed: MacBook Pro 17’ (Thunderbolt)
Unboxed: iGrill
Making Friends
Sold My iPhone, Now I Have to Worry About Message Privacy
Open Letter to Rep. Lofgren
iPhone Announcement Predictions
Watershed products in the computer industry
Clever Girl!
Solid State Drives cannot be securely erased? Who cares?
Facebook privacy settings aren't enough to keep your information safe
WikiLeaks, Assange, and Manning - a Nuanced View
Joining Adobe
The Next Chapter...
Federal Regulation of ISPs - Congressional Bill
Needs vs. Wants and Belated Commentary, Re: Tax Protests
Hassled by the Man?
Doomed to Repeat History?
Advice on Rebooting a Technical Career
@JRJ's Top 10 Twitter Posts about the Financial Crisis
All that Glitters is not Gold
Commodities Indicies Rebalancing
Markets and Chaos Theory
Great support from Full Tilt
Online Poker (AKA "Breakin' the law, breakin' the law...")
Video: Anniversary Vacation
Unboxed: Zune 80!
MacBook... Unboxed!
To buy or not to buy? The answer lies in utility value.
Facebook... pretty fun stuff
The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled
Office decorations
UNBOXED: iPhone!
Highway Robbery
UNBOXED: Lexus SC430!
UNBOXED: Jawbone Bluetooth Headset
Startup Advice: Successful Delegation to Vendors
Windows Home Server Kicks Ass
UNBOXED: Apple 23’ Cinema Display!
Updating the Old Site
Former CIA director weighs in on Hybrid vehicles
Hybrid car sales were off a bit in April
Plug in your Prius?
Your Mileage May Vary...
Gas prices to reach record highs?
Collection of hybrid reviews from Car and Driver magazine
Main Selection Criteria for my next hybrid vehicle...
Prius continues to set sales records despite reduction in hybrid tax credit
Welcome to Hybrid Focus...
Startup Advice: Bootstrapping It...
Exceptional Merlot
Party Time
Halloween Poker-Palooza
Home Office Redux
Making Fun of Paul
Updating my Home Office...
Stream of Consciousness
Nice Turn!
Links Feed: What am I reading?
Poker? I barely know her!
Managing your day with Outlook 2007
Update: Cingular 8125, the REAL test
New Toy: Cingular 8125 Windows Mobile Phone
Inbox to Empty: the holy grail of modern productivity
The Great Programmer
A hidden advantage of HDTV
The new JRJBlog!
Get a job
And the "Boo hoo, I'm a whiney baby" award goes to...
Relaxing Weekend
New Orleans Needs a Leader
HDTV, Plasmas, and the ever elusive "SAF"
First it was blogs, Then Came Wikipedia....
Full RSS feed
Ask the Expert Over at the QuickBooks Community
Firefox, and the ease of installing software
Simplify, Phase II
Excellent eBay Documentary on CNBC
SBA's Office of Advocacy Offers RSS Feeds
"Quality of Life" level Improvements
Magazine Soho -- An Introduction
Where to Find Small Businesses for Sale
Trump University -- You KNOW Entrepreneurship Is "In" Now
Why the New Bankruptcy Law Will Hurt Small Business
Revenge of the Sith
Checking the health of your business should be as easy as gla
Checking the health of your business should be as easy as glancing at your speedometer
Another Year of the JRJBlog
The giant hole in PlanPlus for Outlook
No More Ads!
Interviewing at Microsoft: Part 5
Irresistable Force
Interviewing at Microsoft: SPOILER ALERT
Book Review: "Blog" by Hugh Hewitt
Comparing No Limit Hold 'Em to Chess
My Life Bits, and WinFS
Interviewing at Microsoft: Part 4
Interviewing at Microsoft: Part 3.1
A stupid, trivial little tip for people who wear glasses...
Archiving and Deleting Email
Interviewing at Microsoft: Part 3
MPX-220 SmartPhone: Perfect?
Interviewing at Microsoft: Part 2
Home Game Insanity
Phone Pictures
Mean Gene on Statistical Inevitability...
World Poker Tour! (epilogue)
OK, I have to say it: Tilt is awful.
Movie Rental Nirvana
World Poker Tour!
Interviewing at Microsoft: Part I
Trip Report: Day 3
Trip Report: Day 2
Trip Report: Northern Lights Day 1
Job Hunting
PartyPoker.com Bad Beat!
It doesn't count...
Mmmmmm.... donuts.
Freeroll rush
Sometimes "the nut" just isn't good enough...
Lock and Load
How hangs the hammer?
One of the advantages of tracking your play: Perspective.
Filing taxes as a professional poker player
When Microsoft issues a dividend, it matters.
Implied Tilt Odds
What a run of cards!
PokerStreams Episode 2 Uploaded!
I Thought I Was Becoming Immune to Tilt... Boy, Was I Wrong!
Poker Insanity... or is it?
A better way to look at "bad beats"
Drowning in a mountain of tax paperwork
Table Selection: "Would you like the main table?"
She always loses with aces...
The development of a poker player
Switch Campaign 2005? Not quite.
Online poker and Table Image
Big Pairs and "Action Players" at lower limits
Sometimes, you just get lucky.
Tsunami Releif Tournament Link
Raising for Information
Poker Tournament for a Great Cause
Super System Redux
1997 WSOP
Big Business Phone System, Small Business Price
2004 World Champion Greg "Fossilman" Raymer Foils Robbery Attempt
PokerStreams Episode 1 Uploaded!
Playing the Player: He never met a flop he didn't love
Welcome to the PokerStreams Blog
Poker? I Barely Know Her!
Media Center Extender for X-Box Part Deux
Media Center Extender for X-Box
Pocket PC Phones, Redux
Why interest rates and the real estate market matter to your sm
At least I got one of my wishes...
A plea from abroad
Get to the polls
A simple 4-part strategy to save Apple
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
HP/Microsoft Announce Small Business Tour
Stating the obvious about the MS/EU case...
Browser Security
Another very positive Tablet PC review
Stem Cells help man grow a new jaw
What not to put on your web site
Longhorn Timeframe: Change is afoot...
Longhorn and Flying Cars
iPods and Random Numbers
Turnabout is fair play, but false advertising isn't.
Olympians not allowed to blog
Entrepreneur Magazine: "Tablet PC the one to watch in '05"
Presidential Candidates and their Small Business Platforms
The Broadband Tipping Point has Been Reached
Is your web presence serving a purpose?
Redesign for the JRJBlog
PowerBlog Review
SP or not SP, that is the question...
SP or not SP, that is the question...
Toshiba: they get it.
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean They aren't really out to get you.
Small Biz for Spouses
Small Biz for Spouses
Hiring technical talent
Doomed, post 3
I feel a bit stupid, but still....
TabletPlanner --> PlanPlus for Windows
Get inside your customer's heads.
Mozilla "WinStripe" is the best example yet of OSS UI
Anyone know any good home office resources?
Ebay and Small Business
Examining some Open Source Myths
The High End of the SPOT Market
MSFT Voodoo
New server, new beginning...
Testing 123... is this thing on?
Firing your customers...
Newsflash: Firefox is overrated.
Visiting the Science Fiction Museum
Speed Demon
Does your small business have personality?
Best. Anneversary. Present. Ever.
Connectivity Update
Decisions, decisions
Tablet as primary PC
More Longhorn Screenshots
Take a Step Back
Seize the (work) Day
The Future of the Tablet PC
Seth Godin Blog Book Tour and Free Prize Inside
Tablet PC in the Longhorn Timeframe: Part III
Tablet PC in the Longhorn Timeframe: Part II
Tablet PC in the Longhorn Timeframe
Context Tagging
Tablet Tidbits
Tablet PC team to OEMs: Focus on traditional two-spindle designs
Coming up next: Windows for Mobile PCs and Tablet PCs
Biometrics in the home: does this really make sense?
PC Trends in the home...
WinHEC a bust
Exclusive: Paul Thurrott hates ice cream, and (by extension) America
COTC @ Clay Whittaker
Commodity Businesses Beware
Tablets as drugs: your first one's free. :)
Strategic transparency in Business
The networked home for geeks
Microsoft's Open Source Offensive...
Valenti on Fair Use
Venture Capitalist Profits as Economic Indicator
Advertising (and advertising alternatives) on the cheap
Entrepreneurship as a property of culture
Seize the (work) Day: Using a Tablet PC
Dan Bricklin on the Profitable Small ISV
Hand over Fist
Information at a glance...
YACOTC (Yet Another Carnival of the Capitalists!)
Playing Catch-up
Trump: the Art of the (book) deal
Mentioned in Wired
Getting Organized
OneNote Wonder
Troubled Gateway to Target Small Business Networks
Wanted: Tablet PC Team Blog
Details from the Microsoft Visit
Microsoft Interviews Galore
Tech Adoption by Small and Midsize Business
Coming up: Microsoft Interviews
Coming up: Microsoft Interviews
Here's something you don't see every day...
Busy little bee...
A year of the jrjBlog
Use an iPod, get Mugged.
Microsoft's PR machine
Free flow of information
Click here for feedback... but not to ask me for a loan
You can never go wrong reading a Seth Godin title...
Carnival of the Capitalists
Credit where credit is due (and sometimes where it isn't.)
Bush to Lawmakers: Universal Broadband by 2007
President Bush: Universal broadband by 2007
Do consumers want bundling?
Comcast to acquire TechTV
The new breed of tech startup...
Travel Industry Tough for Small Business
Part 1 of the "Big company image, small business budget" series posted
The Next Major Growth Industry
Tablet PC in Business
Best Small Business Lenders
Who are the marketing wizards who came up with this one?
Neuromarketing: the science of the "buy" impulse
Carnival of the Capitalists
Microsoft: No harm, no foul...
Apple Sales: Not pretty.
Upcoming SPOT features leaked by Fossil
Pricing Custom Software
AdSense ROI: A real-world online advertising scenario
The pen is mightier than the... aw, screw it.
Rysavy Blogging Rampage
Learning to increase profit by watching Starbucks...
Participate in Paid Inclusions Survey
Women's Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
Small Businesses pay disproportionately for telecommunications
Hilarious, brilliant, beautiful: Star Wars ASCIImation
He's at it again...
Sometimes, you've just got to push it out the door...
Obvious: Customer recommendations good for growth
A Blogging for Business Book: Good idea?
Of Death and Taxes
Introduction to Entrepreneurship: The Business Plan and Beyond
Don't be gender-myopic
Cable advertising on the cheap
Small Busineses Optimistic... but Slightly Less So
And I thought *I* had a lot of RAM...
Network Solutions is the Great Satan
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Increasingly Important to Small Business
Zoning Laws for Home-based Business
Getting in The Donald's Head
If you want something done right, do it yourself.
No Secrets
Upgrade to Office 2003? Maybe.
Bad time to start a business? Bah! Humbug!
CNN-fn on Home-based Businesses
Endless Contract Negotiations considered harmfull
Oh, the Irony...
Choosing a Law Firm: Think Small.
Small Business Blogging
Micorosoft and Cisco to cooperate on technologies for small biz
New bill: Expand Health Coverage in Small Businesses
Small Business Cuts: To be or not to be?
IRS and zoning law headaches on the rise
The richest 0.0000001%
Welcome to the sbaBlog!
Shameless Self Promotion: Office Auction
Lord of the statue
Mars had better look out...
Make your own iPod battery from everyday junk
C# Garbage Collection: A counterpoint
Windows Media 9 Series to be included in HD-DVD logo spec
Talking about new technology with really old technology
Trouble in SPOT Paradise...
A rare look at BillG's actual personality
Free Posters
Technologies that refuse to die
100 million dollars?
My ISP is evil...
One ring to rule them oil
Magazine Advertising for ISVs
Can Pixar go it alone?
MyDoom: OK, this is clever
MyDoom has me beat...
Blogging with Ink
Smart Phones to outsell PDAs
Brace Yourselves: MyDoom
Silent Media Center PC
MSN Rips off Google (big surprise)
Gaps in Communication...
Coolest. Laptop. Ever.
MikeRoweSoft: Resolved
MSN Direct / SPOT advertising all over the place in Seattle
Windows, Windows, Windows. Windows Everywhere.
SmartPhones: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Lonestar: Not just a character from SpaceBalls anymore!
So what needs to be added to MSN Direct / SPOT watches?
Mike Rowe
Mac Envy
1984, all over agan (but in a good way)
I knew it. I just knew it.
MSN Video
Living with MSN Direct
Disturbing, but funny...
Apple's Report Card
[CES] Back from CES
[CES] Best of show (so far...)
[CES] WiFi -- Thanks but no thanks.
[CES] Gates Keynote
FINALLY made it to Vegas.
Actual Conversation
Still at the airport
$249? Seriously?!?
CES - Completely Enveloping Snow
For love of semicolons
Internet Access
Apparantly, I'm a Seattle coffee snob.
Yep... that's my Nana
Don Box is the best presenter ever
Waiting for Whidbey
Best of the PDC
I need some cache
What to get for the geek that has everything...
LA Story
Wedding Pictures
CFMX 7: Details are sketchy
The perils of telecommuting
Task Based UI
Michael Jackson's ranch searched
Overpaid much?
ProFont Revisited
I've seen the future...
Live from the PDC!
Why don't hotels have broadband?
Why Microsoft wants a lawsuit against them to succeed...
Why don't they just get it over with and start literally printing money?
It's all about the iPod.
The importance of the IDE
Homebrew Segway
MSDN TabletPC Development
TabletPlanner 3.0 coming...
Cubefarms considered harmfull
When your day is karmically out of whack
Don't you hate it when your idol turns out to be imperfect?
Knew Knoppix... Knice.
Java: The HUMMER of Programming Languages
Alphabet Soup
Tablet Doodle
Email Tyranny Revisited
Dealing efficiently with Email-bound requests
Welcome to JRJ's Productivity Blog!
A big ol' box o' stoopid
A Sharp Performer
I think, therefore I am... you.
Finally, a real solution to Spam...
Fun with whiteboards
Corel is still in business? Really? Are you sure?
Zip subterfuge
Scot's Gaming Rig, part II
Overclocking is fun
Someone saved me a lot of work: CF.NET
CFMX Coding Guidelines
Tablet Enhancements for Microsoft Outlook
Dell and Sony launching Media Center PCs [CNET News.com]
Sisyphus and Systems Administration
News Flash: CFMX 6.1 and Fusebox: internal optimizations!
Final thoughts from the conference...
Mach II
Set phasers on "dork!"
Dialup: a Geek's Lament (in Haiku form)
Conference First Day
The Gold Coast Hotel, Casino, and Moonshinery
JRJ's FuseBlog of Doom!
These flogits are grommited without any damn fleezum!
My Autobiography
The Tyranny of Email...
Who picks up the tab?
Moved in!
Coming up for air
Like the Energizer Bunny, we're still going...
Boot camp!
Signed, sealed, delivered.
We're in!
Appliances. Uh... woo?
Almost there
The waiting game...
Woo-hoo! We're buying a house!
Cross your fingers...
Offer Accepted! Part 2
Offer Accepted!
Put in the offer!
Welcome to the New House Blog!