JRJ circa 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What phone should I buy?

    I don't get into (or understand) the religious debate about phone platforms. Personally, I think that each has significant advantages:

    • iOS is beautiful, elegant, secure, and is designed to protect the user's privacy. For people who value these things over other aspects, I heartily recommend that you buy an iPhone. You will be happy with the decision. (Indeed, my daily driver is an iPhone 6 Plus.) However, it's not as flexible and customizable as Android, and you're limited to the couple phones Apple makes available.
    • Android is flexible, powerful, and has gained on Apple in terms of UI design as of version 6 (Marshmallow.) For people who like to tweak every last detail of their computing experience, an Android phone can't be beat. However, the inability to get consistent updates (unless you buy a Nexus phone from Google) severely degrades security, and Google's business model doesn't optimize for the user's privacy.
    • Windows Phone is an elegantly designed operating system that places everythig at the user's fingertips on the home screen. However, it's app store is a complete wasteland (even the apps that *are* in the stoor tend to be low-quality or cheap knock-offs) and its future and Microsoft's commitment to the platform is unclear. Honestly, I can't really recommend this to anyone unless they are just in love with the platform (in which case you wouldn't be asking.)
    • Blackberry is still a thing, apparantly. (No, not really.) Don't buy a Blackberry.

    Even once you've selected an OS, it's still difficult to make a recommendation without knowing more about your specific needs and priorities. The good news, though, is that it's hard to go wrong: flagship phones today from Apple, Google, Samsung, and Nokia are fantastic. It's honestly tough to buy a bad phone today if you're looking at flagship models.

  • What's the deal with the cartoon JRJ?
    In the early 2000s when the first Tablet PCs came out, I did a series of experimental drawings to try out my tablet's Wacom stylus input. One of them was a cartoon version of myself. It's been updated over the years (a Microsoft badge in 2005, which changed to an Adobe badge in 2010, a little gray and some cleanup in 2015, etc.) but is essentially the same cartoon. It's been used to varying degrees by the site for close to 15 years now, so I've gotten a lot of mileage out of a silly little sketch.
  • Why Utah/Utah County?
    I started at Adobe in 2010. A few years ago, my wife Rachel wanted to be closer to her family in Colorado for various reasons, so we relocated near Adobe's Lehi office. (Adobe has offices in San Francisco, San Jose, Lehi, and New York, as well as several international offices. Lehi was the closest.) We've enjoyed the access to outdoors/nature that Utah provides, as well as the central location that's a short drive to a number of places we like to visit (Colorado, Arizona, Vegas, etc.) For these reasons, we decided to stay when I started [Virtual Neural](https://virtualneural.net).
  • Can you help me fix my computer?