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"Bionic Eye" Coming to the U.S.

The Argus II is coming to our shores. Think of it as the equivalent of a cochlear implant, but for certain types of visual impairment, and it’s finally getting FDA approval allowing it to be used in the U.S. This is an incredible piece of technology, and will restore at least some sight to people with a visual impairment called “RP” which impacts 1 in 4,000 Americans. Very exciting stuff.

Sadly, I bet one of the big issues will be lack of understanding: establishments will incorrectly assume it’s a Google Glass type device, and will (llegally) deny entrance to wearers of the new technology. Hopefully that lack of awareness will be temporary.

If you’re interested in learning more, there are some great links on this wikipedia entry (scroll down to the “references” at the bottom of the page.)

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