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As the former owner of a company that did (among other things) a small business focused e-zine, I’m frequently asked why I stopped the whole serial entrepreneur thing to get a real job. I’ve been too busy to write up a public response, but BusinessPundit went ahead and did it for me.

This article talks about someone who went through a similar transition, and their motivations. It’s strikingly similar to my thinking.

The bottom line for me was simple. As my good friend Paul says about working out of the home, “The nice thing about going home from work is that you’re going HOME from WORK.” Leaving the office to head for home creates a nice hard edge between your work and personal life, which can be difficult for small business owners to maintain. I needed a sense of balance in my life, and a “day job” was a great way for me to get it.

Since I “got a real job” I’m happier, I’m less stressed out, and I’m working less.

I’m probably the only guy in the world that went to Microsoft to improve his life/work balance. :) If you want to join me, let me know– we’re hiring!

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