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A stupid, trivial little tip for people who wear glasses...

OK, this is a very strange thing to read about on a blog, but (if you wear glasses) bear with me.

My glasses are about 3 years old. I’m fairly sure that my prescription hasn’t changed, but the bottom line is no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get my glasses clean. I’ve tried everything– cute little chamois glasses wipes, wipes pre-moistened with glasses-cleaning-fluid, terrycloth towells, etc. Nothing can get them truly clean– there’s gunk in the path of my vision. (Yeah, there are scratches too… many of these are caused by my adorable nieces who find it terribly amusing to play with my glasses… and I’m a push-over.)

Another problem is that I have to be careful about what solvent I use to clean my glasses because they have plastic leneses (as most do nowadays) and you can’t use anything with ammonia, which rules out… well… most effective solvents.

I even got desperate, and tested out using a rubbing compound and literally BUFFING them clean with my dremmel. No dice– it was too destructive. (I tried it on an old pair that didn’t match my prescription anymore.)

Finally, I’ve found a solution– at least for the dirt and grime. (For the scratches, I’ll just have to get a new pair of glasses… which I’ll do in the next couple of months.)

I ran them throuh the dishwasher.

It worked! My glasses are now perfectly clean, and the difference is akin to when I got glasses for the first time– “Wow! I never realized that was such a bright color! I didn’t know you were supposed to be able to READ street signs at that distance! Hey! My wife’s kind of hot!”

From here on out, I’m running my glasses through the dishwasher once a week. It’s wonderful to be able to see again.

I’m sorry to have written such a totally off-the-wall post about something as esoteric as cleaning your glassses. Back to your lives, people.

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