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Online poker and Table Image

Just getting caught upon reading some of my favorite blogs after a post-new-year poker marathon. The Cards Speak has an interesting and unique post about your table image online.<blockquote>But in the new world of online poker, table image seems less important than it is in the brick and mortal world. In online poker, players are constantly shifting tables, and a player frequently leaves the table as soon as we’ve got a read on him. Also, it’s a lot more difficult to connect a faceless avatar to a style of play than it is to remember that the scowling guy overplays his hands. Online poker eliminates the visual aspect of table image: since everybody looks the same, we assume (until proven otherwise) that everybody plays the same. If this is the case, is it still true in the online world that you have to “give action to get action”?</blockquote>
This is interesting stuff. Go read the post and come back. I’ll wait. Go ahead.

OK. I’ve been know to play a ton of marginal hands and weak draws during my first hour at a new table in B&M; casinos. I make these seemingly negative expectation moves with the intent of exploiting my loose table image to extract more bets later on when I tighten up. RDub has really made me re-think the wisdom of doing this online. Good stuff.

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