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PokerStreams Episode 1 Uploaded!

I’ve finally put the finishing touches on the first episode of PokerStreams. It’s the first in a seven-part series on improving your pre-flop play…
<blockquote>“Pre-flop play is not only the easiest part of your game to improve, but by playing correctly before the flop, even a below average player can consistently break even– and even win– at most low limit play.

In this first episode in a seven-part series on pre-flop play, PokerStreams compares a number of well-known pre-flop selections, providing recommendations and thoughts on each. In upcoming episodes, we’ll look at playing each of the major hand groups, positional issues before the flop, loosening up your selections in short-handed play, and mixing up your game so you don’t become too predictable.”</blockquote>
Check out the first episode on the PokerStreams Beta Site!

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