Home Tablets as drugs: your first one's free. :)

Tablets as drugs: your first one's free. :)

Loren has some truly inspired ideas for increasing the mindshare of the Tablet PC platform…

The one that really caught my eye was the notion of giving tablets away by the hundreds… to enter the contest you would have to blog about how you would use a tablet if you got one, and they could give a tablet away each day to the best submission. This is a great idea– not only does it get people thinking (and blogging) about how a tablet would best be integrated into their lives, but it would create quite a buzz.

Eliminating the price difference between tablets and notebooks by providing a rebate to students and faculty is also a great idea.

However, I think that MS is being a little more strategic– holding back on the heaviest tablet promotions until SP2 ships. I think that the initial press reaction to the Tablets (partly because many journalists just didn’t get it, and partly because the first gen machines were so woefully underpowered) stung a bit, and they know that SP2/Lonestar demos so much better. If people are going to try a tablet at the store or an event it really should be a Lonestar device.

Good stuff.

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