Micorosoft and Cisco to cooperate on technologies for small biz

Most small businesses don’t have centralized IT departments, so any time you can reduce the level of complexity of deploying technology it’s a good thing for small business. It’s frustrating: there’s so much work in the “enterprise” space– because that’s where the money is perceived to be– to create solutions that are “manageable” by centralized IT, but very little work (aside from Microsoft’s excellent Small Business Server) to make it easier for, say, a three or four person shop to use technology effectively.

Well, Microsoft and Cisco to the rescue… at least that’s the party line. The two technology giants have agreed to collaborate on software and network hardware designed to make it easier for small and mid-sized companies to deploy networks. According to a recent Reuters blurb on the subject, the companies would offer products that “make it easier for small and mid-sized companies to talk to their customers” and “easier for businesses to set up a networked server computer with high-speed Internet access.”

The offerings, according to the release, would be available this month. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.