My ISP is evil...

What an oddessy my connectivity has been over the last 24 hours… First, my ISP (I won’t say who it is, but it starts with a “C,” ends in a “T,” and has “omCas” in the middle) suspended traffic on ports 25 and 465 for about 16 hours. Yes, that means no SMTP and no POP3. I know there is a major virus going around, but come on… you can’t just cut people’s email off. (support’s answer: “if you’re using our servers you won’t have a problem.”)

Then last night there was a full connectivity outage for 6 and a half hours… this almost made me miss a major deadline (I still managed to squeak in) because I couldn’t get out. After sitting on hold for over an hour the rep actually said this: “Wow… how did that happen? Hang on… there… now it should work.”

Add to this the love-letter I got from them a couple months ago. They advertise “unlimited bandwidth” but I got a letter telling me that I had exceeded my bandwidth limit, and would have my account suspended if I did it again. (How do you exceed an unlimited bandwidth limit?!?!) However, they refuse to disclose what the limit is…
ISP: You’re a bandwidth hog… we’re going to cut you off if you exceed your limit again.

Me: What’s the limit?

ISP: There is no limit. You have unlimited bandwidth, as long as you don’t use it.
These guys suck.