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So what needs to be added to MSN Direct / SPOT watches?

A few features Microsoft should add to the MSN Direct (SPOT) watches…
<li>A traffic channel, customized by location. I’d love to get information about the current traffic situation by looking at my SPOT watch… “Should we take the I-90 or the 520 tonight? Well, it looks like the 520’s pretty backed up…”
</li><li>I know I (and others) have mentioned it before, but RSS, RSS, and more RSS!
</li><li>Movie times, again, customized by location (or even “pick my favorite 3 theatres” on the web site or something) This would be AWESOME.
</li><li>Lottery Numbers… I probably wouldn’t use it, but it would be a good feature
</li><li>Horoscopes. Again, I wouldn’t use it, but some people might. Ideally, users would be able to set it on the site to only send their own sign.
</li><li>Email-to-SPOT. OK, this is a Pandora’s box due to Spam, and they have very limited bandwidth/memory constraints. How about a setup where only messages from addresses you add to a list are let through, though? Seems like this would be OK. Obviously, you’d have to restrict message length to the first 100-200 characters or so, but that’s fine. I just want my wife to be able to send me an “I’m running late” SPOT message without having to be on MSN Messenger. Even a web site that would allow you to send a message to a SPOT watch would be acceptable.
</li><li>Ebay auctions. MSN already has a deal with eBay to syndicate this info… wouldn’t it be great to be able to see the status of the items you’re selling/bidding on?
</li><li>Expedia Alerts– my plane is 2 hours late, travel advisories in an area where I have an upcoming flight, etc.
OK, that should be enough to keep them busy for the year or so… get cracking, guys! :)

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