JRJ's 2015 trip to Florence, Italy


Unboxed: iPhone 5s

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Pics and vids of my new iPhone 5s, and why I chose it… Read More ›


Fingerprints for Mobile Authentication

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Busting a few myths about fingerprint authentication in the mobile space… Read More ›

JRJ Personal – Spoiler-free Review

Jobs Movie - Exceeded Low Expectations

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Not a great movie, but low expectations allowed me to enjoy it anyway… Read More ›

JRJ Personal

Sim City is a Winner

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) After all these years, Sim City is still fun, but the latest edition is not without flaws... Read More ›


Using Free Software: Understand the Incentives

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) If you're not the customer you're the product, and with security software business models matter... Read More ›

Futurism · Technology

Google Glass Availability

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Google Glass looks interesting, and now we have some timelines from Mountain View... Read More ›


Ammending the Constitution

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Amending the Constitution of the United States of America requires two key criteria to be met before it makes sense to even try... Read More ›


Quick Review: Annie Duke’s Poker Book

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) A quick review of Annie Duke's new poker book... Read More ›

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Movember 'stache

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) A promise is a promise, and it's for a good cause... so I'll embarass myself for posterity... Read More ›


Morality and Artificial Intelligence

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) As AI gets smarter, it also has to learn ethics. Can we teach it? Read More ›


Unboxed: Windows 8 Tablet - Samsung Ativ 500t

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Playing with a new hybrid laptop, with a combination of new Atom processor and Windows 8... Read More ›

Economics · Technology

Microsoft Stock: is Win 8 Good for MSFT?

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Is Microsoft a good investment in the Windows 8 era? Read More ›

Automotive · Futurism

Driver Assist Technologies: the Next Wave

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Driver assistance technology is starting to heat up, and autonomous vehicles are next... Read More ›

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Unboxed? Keystone Cougar 322QBS Fifth Wheel RV

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Joe and Rachel buy a new RV... Read More ›

Futurism · Technology

Solar Power and Grid Parity

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) When solar reaches grid parity (and it will) some interesting things happen... Read More ›


Keep Your Systems and Accounts Secure

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Matt Honen's story makes us all think a little more about security... Read More ›


Optimizing Your Mac for SSD

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Dealing with iTunes backups in a world of space-limited SSD drives... Read More ›


Free Speech and the Rights of Artificial Persons

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Do machines have rights? Are you SURE? Read More ›


What lies beneath the surface? Profitability.

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) What's the deal with Surface? It's about the business model... Read More ›


Mobile Mapping Keeps Getting Better

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) A single image shows how far we've come with mapping technology... Read More ›