JRJ's 2015 trip to Florence, Italy

Virtual Reality

Which Will Be Dominant: Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR)?

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) I answered a question on Quora that's common for folks just starting to explore immersive technologies... Read More ›

Virtual Reality

Enter the Void: Extreme VR

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) I had an oportunity to try out humanity's current best attempt at building the Holodeck from Star Trek... it was everything I hoped it would be. Read More ›


Apple Fights for Encryption

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Apple is playing chicken with the FBI over their right to build software and hardware that securely protects user data... Read More ›

JRJ Personal

Science is not a Body of Knowledge

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) A brief story from my youth that taught me a lesson about science... Read More ›

Security – Android Security

Android Stagecraft Vulnerability Shines Light on Carriers and OEMs

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Android users need to do some serious soul searching about security, because wireless carriers and device OEMs aren't helping... Read More ›

Poker · Futurism · Technology

Revenge of the Bots: Poker & AI

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) A look at trends in poker AI, and predictions on impact over the next decade… Read More ›

Technology – Reviewed

Apple Watch: Early Thoughts

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Initial thoughts after my first week and and a half with the Apple Watch… Read More ›


Your Password Sucks

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Your password sucks, but every character counts… Read More ›


Local iOS Backup Locations

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Changing the location where iTunes backs up your iOS devices… Read More ›


Heartbleed Shows a Need for Oversight

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Hearbleed demonstrated projects critical to the net’s infrastructure need help… Read More ›


Bill Gates on Mobile Computing

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Looking back at Gates’ “Wallet PC” prediction twenty years later… Read More ›


Unboxed: Google Glass

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) My Google Glass Explorer pack arrived today, and was unboxed… Read More ›


Exploring Minimum Wage

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) A back-of-the-envelope hypothetical, re: raising minimum wage… Read More ›


Schneier Interview: NSA vs. Privacy

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) A great video interview with Bruce Scheier on the NSA and privacy. Read More ›


"Bionic Eye" Coming to the U.S.

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Imagine a cochlear implant, but for the visually impaired… Read More ›

JRJ Personal – Spoiler-free Review

Ender's Game

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) I liked Ender’s Game, but it’s a 5-star book compressed into a 3.5 star movie… Read More ›


Cryptolocker Ransomware: Diabolical and Evil

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Worst malware threat I’ve ever seen is only the beginning… Read More ›


How to get 1-star App Reviews

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) Audible demonstrates an effective way to piss off mobile users... Read More ›


1Password: Recommended with a Caveat

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) I strongly recommend 1Password, but don’t use one feature… Read More ›

Futurism · Economics

Half of Jobs Could be Automated?

Blog of Joseph R. Jones (JRJ) While “half” is probably hyperbole, the issue is a real one… Read More ›